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About CORE

CORE is a free, expert-led educational programme for healthcare professionals involved in the management and treatment of patients with heart failure (HF). This independent initiative encourages best-practice and collaboration within the multidisciplinary team (MDT) for optimal patient care.

What does CORE cover?

CORE consists of 6 modules, developed by international experts – the CORE Steering Committee and based on the results of the CORE needs assessment.

Who is CORE for?

To join CORE, you should be involved in the management and treatment of patients with heart failure; this includes primary care physicians, nurses, cardiologists, and members of the wider multidisciplinary team.

Where is CORE available?

The CORE programme is currently active in 6 countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

CORE content has been adapted for use in each country by the National Faculties according to national practices, guidelines and regulations. The programme is rolled out at a regional level by our Country Facilitators.

Why participate in CORE?

Specifically designed to help you create real change in your clinical practice, CORE’s peer-to-peer roundtable meetings:

  • Will use the CME-accredited CORE modules
  • Are built on a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to your individual learning style
  • Focus on discussion and interactivity, to enhance learning
  • Tackle local issues

How to find a local roundtable meeting

CORE learners have access to a unique, members only online system (the Meeting Management System) where you can:

  • Browse for local roundtable meetings
  • Request or register for roundtable meetings that address your educational needs and interests

Request a meeting from your local Country Facilitator today!

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*CME-accreditation application is currently in process.