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CORE consists of 6 CME-accredited* modules, delivered in small roundtable meetings. Groups are usually made up of 6–10 CORE Learners, allowing you to interact with your Country Facilitator and peers in a dynamic and flexible learning environment.

CORE learners can request or register for roundtable meetings via the members only online system – the Meeting Management System.

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*CME-accreditation application is currently in process.

CORE’s overall goals

CORE strives to transform clinical practice in heart failure and, ultimately, decrease hospitalisation among our learners’ patient cohorts by:

  • Increasing prompt diagnosis of heart failure
  • Improving the use of appropriate intervention in heart failure
  • Improving disease management through better comorbidity competence
  • Increasing multidisciplinary collaboration and communication including referral to, and interaction with the wider multidisciplinary team

Educational needs and diagnosis

The multidisciplinary team

Caring for heart failure patients: rehabilitation and palliative care